Title Real-Time Fiber Optic Dosimeters for Electron Beam Processing
Source Proc. 44th I'ntl SAMPE Symp. and Exhib.
Year 1999
Author(s) Hoyt, A. E.; Harrah, L. A.; Allred, R. E.; Bowles, D.
Abstract Adherent Technologies, Inc. has developed a series of radiation dosimeters based on coated fiber optic sensors to which a sensitized polymer coating has been applied. This coating forms a radiation dosimeter segment that can be read in absorption mode (transmission or reflection) or in emission (fluorescence) mode. These dosimeters are easily incorporated into parts or tools and have the advantage that connection to the readout electronics is through a non-conductive fiber optic lead allowing for remote, real-time readout, which is unaffected by charge deposition or build-up in the target. The Composites Affordability Initiative (CAI) is developing and demonstrating the use of Adherent Technologies, Inc. coated fiber optic dosimeters to monitor e-beam curing of composite materials and adhesives. The dosimeters are one of many “In-Process Management Tools” being developed to provide Operator Level process status monitoring and control to reduce process variability. Real-time monitoring allows in-process monitoring capability required to control laminate cure levels for secondary e-beam bonding or curing with other partial or cully cured laminates. The degree of cure will be determined by a developed correlation between accumulated dose dosimeter values with statistically valid thermal glass transition values. The CAI goal is to develop automated cure cycles that control the degree of laminate and bond line cure using Adherent Technologies fiber optic dosimeters as the control medium. Initial demonstration of this technology has been accomplished under CAI 1998 Quality development activity. Additional development and demonstration trials are scheduled for CAI in 1999.
Keywords e-beam curing, quality control, radiation sensors, laminate cure, coated fiber optic sensors, sensitized polymer coating, dosimeter, CAI