Title Large Scale Recycling Process for Scrap Tires and Rubber Products
Source Proc. 32nd Intl. SAMPE Technical Conf
Year 2000
Author(s) Allred, R. E.; Finley, D. J.; Coons, N. C.; Gosau, J. M.; Wilder, J. D.; Wilder, R. L.
Abstract A continuous tertiary recycling process has been developed for use on scrap tires and rubber-based materials. A standard size plant processes 100 tons per day of scrap tires into gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons, steel, and carbon black. The hydrocarbons are high-quality fuels, the steel is readily resmelted, and the carbon black can be reused to reinforce rubbers and plastics. Additional uses for the carbon black are found in applications such as filters, inks, toners, and paints. By obtaining value from all the components in the scrap tires, the process is highly profitable and produces an attractive rate of return on investment while solving the waste tire disposal problem.
Keywords Recycling, Scrap Tires, Rubber, Tertiary Recycling, carbon black