Title UV Rigidized Carbon-Reinforced Isogrid Boom for Gossamer Applications
Source Proc. Space Technology and Applications Int’l Forum-STAIF 2002
Year 2002
Author(s) Allred, R. E.; Hoyt, A. E.; McElroy, P. M.; Scarborough, S. ; Cadogan, D. P.
Abstract This work examined the feasibility of curing carbon fiber-reinforced open isogrid structures using sunlight. An orbital thermal analysis was conducted for these Gossamer structures with no insulation to determine the temperature profiles during the cure process. An epoxy-based resin was developed that showed near complete cure on carbon and hybrid carbon/glass tows and also cured at low temperatures. Demonstration hardware cured in sunlight and tested in compression to failure performed as well as similar thermally cured isogrid composites.
Keywords UV, rigidized, carbon fiber, isogrid structure, epoxy, tows, UV cure, thermal cure, gossamer