Title UV Rigidizable Carbon-Reinforced Isogrid Inflatable Booms
Source Proc. 43rd AIAA/ASME/ASCE/AHS/ASC Structures, Structural Dynamics, and Materials Conf., paper 2002-1202
Year 2002
Author(s) Allred, R. E.; Hoyt, A. E.; McElroy, P. M.; Scarborough, S. ; Cadogan, D. P.
Abstract The objective of this study was to demonstrate sunlight cure (UV) of a carbon fiber-reinforced open isogrid tube for Gossamer-type spacecraft. An epoxy based resin was developed and characterized that cures in sunlight at low temperatures (10°C) on carbon and carbon/glass hybrid tows. 1.5-m-long open isogrid tubes were fabricated using wet filament winding techniques. The tubes were sunlight cured and tested for degree of cure and mechanical properties. The demonstration hardware had a 99 percent cure and showed peak buckling loads equivalent to thermally cured tubes. This technology will allow fabrication of large, lightweight and low cost inflatable Gossamer structures that have significantly improved compliant packing efficiency without degradation of deployed precision and mechanical performance.
Keywords UV cure, rigidizable, carbon fiber, isogrid, inflatable, boom, sunlight cure, Gossamer, low temperature cure, spacecraft