Title Rigidization-on-Command’ä (ROC) Resin Development for Lightweight Isogrid Booms with MLI
Source 33rd Int’l Conf. on Environmental Systems, Technical Paper Series 2003-01-2342
Year 2003
Author(s) Hoyt, A. E.; Harrah, L. A.; Allred, R. E.; McElroy, P. M.
Abstract The “Rigidization-on-Command” (ROC) resin development has focused on the development of resin systems that use UV light cure for rigidization. Polymeric sensitizers have been incorporated into the resin formulations to promote cure using Pen-Ray lamps and UV light-emitting diodes (LED’s). Formulations containing the polymeric sensitizers were examined by FTIR and DSC. Complete cure was observed after 15 min. exposure with the Pen-Ray lamps. Performance of the Pen-Ray lamps and UV LEDs was thoroughly characterized. Thermal models were developed to optimize the performance of the of the MLI insulation thermal oven used for orbital cure of the boom. Results show that -12°C is the lowest temperature required for cure of the ROC resin systems.
Keywords ROC, rigidization-on-command, rigidization, UV light cure, sensitizers, LED cure