Title Open-Celled Rigid Foams for Self-Deploying Foam Antenna Structures
Source Proc. 45th AIAA/ASME/ASCE/AHS/ASC Structures, Structural Dynamics, and Materials Conf., paper 2004-1657
Year 2004
Author(s) Hoyt Haight, A. E.; Rand, P. B.; Allred, R. E.; Shkindel, T.; McElroy, P. M.; Willis, P. B.
Abstract The overall goal of this program is the development of an open-celled urethane foam system for use in self-deploying antenna structures. Advantages of such a system relative to current inflatable or self-deploying systems include high volumetric efficiency of packing, inherent restoring force, low (or no) outgassing, low thermal conductivity, high dynamic damping, mechanical isotropy, infinite shelf life, and easy fabrication with methods amenable to construction of large structures (i.e., spraying). The performance of our rigid open-cell foam systems, their crush and recovery behavior, potential packing scenarios, RF performance, and modeling are discussed.
Keywords Open-celled foam, rigid foam, antenna structure, self-deploying, inflatable, outgassing