Title Fabrication of Electron-Beam Processable Polyimide Tapes and Composites
Source Proc. 49th Int. SAMPE Symp. Exhib.
Year 2004
Author(s) Hoyt Haight, A. E.; Gosau, J. M.; Wesson, S. P.; Babow, D. A.
Abstract Electron beam (e-beam) curing of polymer matrix composites (PMCs) is highly desirable from a manufacturing standpoint in that significant cost savings may be realized from the reduced cycle times, the ability to cure large and irregularly shaped parts, and the ability to use inexpensive tooling. However, for many applications in the aerospace and transportation industries, e-beam processable resins currently available do not meet the performance specifications (e.g., excellent thermal stability, high strength, and high toughness). Adherent Technologies, Inc. has recently been developing a graft polyimide-siloxane system incorporating functionalities amenable to cross linking under electron beam irradiation. The incorporation of these materials into carbon fiber tapes and the fabrication of e-beam cured composite plates from these tapes will be discussed.
Keywords Polyimides, electron beam, polyimide tapes, e-beam curing, polymer matrix composites, PMC, polyimide-siloxane, composites, automated tape placement, ATP, radiation processing