Title Thermal Reversibility and Morphing of Light Curing Inflatable Composite Booms
Source Proc. 46th AIAA/ASME/ASCE/AHS/ASC Structures, Structural Dynamics, and Materials Conf., paper 2005-1808
Year 2005
Author(s) Hoyt Haight, A. E.; Harrah, L. A.; Allred, R. E.; Scarborough, S. ; Gleeson, D.; Cadogan, D.
Abstract Adherent Technologies, Inc. has been developing a light-curing resin technology (Rigidization on Command™ - ROC) to allow the fabrication of inflatable structures that can be easily packed and deployed with hardening to a stable structure taking place on-orbit. One of the more significant criticisms of ROC technology has been the perceived idea that the systems are not reversible. While not reversible in the true chemical sense (i.e., the systems cannot be “uncured”), thermal reversibility is possible. All indicators are that these systems can, in fact, be fabricated on Earth, then packed and deployed in space, eliminating existing concerns regarding the quality of the on-orbit structures created using ROC technology. If the systems are rigidized on-orbit, a means exists for correcting defects if necessary.
Keywords Inflatable booms, rigidization, UV cure, ROC, reversible, inflatable structures, low temperature cure