Title Encapsulating Foam System for Asbestos Remediation
Source Proc. 50th Intl. SAMPE Symp. and Exhib.
Year 2005
Author(s) Gosau, J. M.; Shkindel, T.; Allred, R. E.
Abstract Asbestos insulation is a hazard in the decommissioning and reclamation of US Navy vessels as well as in older construction throughout the world. The cost for environmental controls during the removal is very high due to the need for complete enclosure of the work area, HEPA level air filtration and the need for heavy protective gear. Adherent Technologies has been developing polyurethane foam-based encapsulants for friable asbestos that allows the removal of asbestos without the need for engineering controls. The encapsulant systems have been demonstrated to penetrate asbestos layers ranging from five to thirty cm thick, depending upon the insulation density. These formulations are easy to apply in constrained spaces and require only minimal use of protective gear.
Keywords Asbestos Remediation, Polyurethane, foam, US Navy, encapsulant, insulation