Title Electrically Conductive Thermal Control Coatings for Space Craft
Source Proc. 52nd Intl. SAMPE Symp. and Exhib.
Year 2007
Author(s) Gosau, J. M.; Barlow, J. P.; Allred, R. E.
Abstract Adherent Technologies, Inc. has developed a new binder for electrically conductive thermal control coatings. The new binder, based on a silicon containing polymer, is resistant to all influences of the space environment, ultraviolet radiation, electron bombardment and atomic oxygen. When combined with a conductive pigment, coatings can be produced that show excellent adhesion, are tough, do not crack or flake on impact, and are solvent and water-resistant. Outgassing behavior meets NASA specifications. The coatings have excellent conductivity and do not charge even when exposed to a high energy electron beam. Solar absorbance and emissivity data are excellent with ?/? values better than 0.2. The coatings are currently undergoing space certification.
Keywords polymers, coatings, thermal control, electrically conductive, pigment, NASA, absorbance, emissivity, space applications