Title Modular Recycling Systems for Isolated Waste Producers
Source Proc. SAMPE 2010 Symp. and Exhib.
Year 2010
Author(s) Gosau, J. M.; Wesley, T. F.; Allred, R. E.
Abstract Tertiary recycling, that is, reclamation of chemical raw materials, of plastic waste has so far not found large scale applications due to a variety of economic and environmental factors. Reclamation of valuable fractions during commercial sorting often reduces the quantities of convertible materials below the profitably threshold. This limitation is absent in applications where immediate processing without sorting is paramount over value maximization due to limitations in storage and processing space. In this paper, Adherent Technologies, Inc. is describing our efforts in designing and testing small scale tertiary recycling units for the US Navy for the treatment of shipboard waste to produce raw materials for on-board use and eliminate waste storage needs during extended deployments.
Keywords tertiary recycling, plastic waste, low temperature pyrolysis, recycling